Remove, Reset, and Repitch Gutters and Gutter Guard Installation in Morgantown, IN

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Remove, Reset, and Repitch Gutters and Gutter Guard Installation in Morgantown, IN

Remove, Reset, And Repitch Gutters And Gutter Guard Installation In Morgantown, IN

We removed, reset, repitch gutters, and install gutter guards about 244 feet on a home and barn. Raindrop gutter guards Fit on Every Home, even a barn. In the long run, the homeowner is delighted with the outcome. The homeowner is very pleased with the outcome in the long run. Gutter Guard is critical in its goal of providing a maintenance-free and self-cleaning gutter protection system that is far superior to anything on the market today.
With a raindrop gutter guard system, you prevent drainage and protect the roof against debris. The system consists of panels that have vertically positioned bars. Having the top of their surface rounded no water gets inside and no leaves or debris.
Service: Gutter Guards
Location: Morgantown, IN
Budget: $4,700


Products Used: RainDrop Gutter Guard
Client Review: I found Thomas Jefferson Roofing through the Rain Drop Gutter Guards folks as one of their authorized installers in Central Indiana. I had been attempting to get my improperly installed (by another, now defunct company) gutters fixed or even replaced as well as have gutter guards installed for almost 2 full years. Apparently, all of the gutter companies I could find locally have so much business they don’t want any more. They either didn’t bother to return calls, didn’t show up for appointments, told me what I needed wasn’t possible, or in one case actually gave a bid then failed to schedule the job or answer calls. When I contacted Thomas Jefferson there was none of the hedging and games I had become accustomed to. They gave me a straightforward bid and then did what no one else had done, they actually delivered the service they promised. Granted there were hiccups due to the pandemic but they figured it out and got the job done. I was impressed by not only the quality of the work but also the professionalism of the crew they sent out. From start to finish I would enthusiastically recommend Thomas Jefferson to any friends and family in need of a service they provide, in fact, I already have. Kudos!
– Phil A