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Ice Dams: Keeping Them at Bay & Away

Posted in: Snow Removal

Ice Dams IndianapolisThis is the time of the year when ice dam occurring. After few days of freezing temperatures and sunny days, ice dams formed. When snow and ice started melting along the roof, water runs down from your roof under the snow until it reaches the cold overhang section like the soffits, valleys or in gutters then it begins to freeze again, forming icicles or wall of ice. Warm air from inside your home leaks into the attic and warm the under the roof causing snow and ice on the roof to melt. This process of thawing and refreezing is what causes an ice dam.

Solution to this problem: To stop water coming inside the house, get the ice removed from the roof, perhaps with the help of a roof professional. Getting on your roof to solve this problem could be dangerous.

Prevent in the future Ice Dam damage:

1. Installs several feet of an Ice and Water shield product to help guard against water damage due to ice dams.

2. Install sufficient soffit vents and an adequate ridge vents.

3. Improve the insulation in your attic. In Indiana should be equipped with ceiling insulation of at least R-38.

4. Consult a professional for the best way to avoid ice dams and water damage in your home.

5. Energy Star Home Sealing recommends air sealing your home to prevent warm, air escapes. Make sure the ceiling is airtight, so warm air cannot flow from the house into the attic space. Do this by plugging gaps around plumbing vents, wiring, recessed lights and chimneys.

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