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Ice Dams…a Naughty Word for Homeowners

Posted in: Snow Removal

Ice Dam Roof in IndianapolisI’ll admit it, icicles hanging from gutters can be pretty but they can also be an indicator of a potentially serious problem called ice damming.

During the winter months, clogged gutters can certainly contribute to ice damming but inadequate ventilation or insulation within a given home can also be a variable.

Dark-colored roofs, in particular, absorb heat from sunlight and help to melt snow but escaping warmth from inside a home can do the same thing. As snow melts from underneath, the water flows into your gutters, which are cold. When this happens, the snow melt refreezes and slowly builds up, causing even more water to back up and freeze. This accumulation can eventually work its way under roof shingles and tar paper and ultimately into the plywood below.

When this massive collection of snow and ice eventually breaks away and slides off your roof, it has the potential to pull your gutters loose or completely away from your house all together.

Thomas Jefferson Roofing & Remodeling has attic ventilation and gutter specialists who can help you make sure that ice dams aren’t a part of your vocabulary this winter. Don’t wait until something happens. Schedule an appointment today!

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