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Winter Items To Be On The Lookout For

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Most people don’t realize that winter is a prime time for leaks. Summer often brings rain but it usually passes quickly. Winter can allow snow and ice to sit on your roof for extended periods of time which can melt from the heat in your home and seep in. Read below for some things to watch for during the winter.

Caulking and siding

Exposed areas such as those through cracked/shrunken caulking or missing siding can lead to hidden damage. This damage isn’t always apparent on the outside. If you notice this, a quick response could save you tons!

Ice dams

Ice dams form when a ridge of ice builds up and then prevents melting snow from flowing off the roof. The trapped water then sits on the roof and can soak in and flow into the home. These usually form on low slope roofs or large overhang areas that have less heat than the area above. If you notice large icicles hanging from your gutters beware as this can indicate an ice dam.


Not all “leaks” in the home come from the outside. Poor ventilation can cause moisture inside the home to become trapped and buildup leading to stains. A house is like an ecosystem and must work together to function properly. Warm and cool air must flow properly for it to function optimally.

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