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The Facts About Asphalt During the Winter

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Asphalt RoofsWe all know the frustrations of this unpredictable Indiana weather. The constant temperature changes and heavy precipitation lead to major issues with the streets – potholes. When temperatures fluctuate, it can cause asphalt to expand and contract. This expansion and contraction can lead to small cracks in the asphalt. Eventually water can get into these cracks, and then the water begins to expand and contract leading to larger cracks that turn into potholes. Again, nothing makes a day more frustrating than feeling your car land into a multitude of potholes on your commute home!

So why is a roofing company talking about potholes? Because believe it or not, your roof is likely made of the same thing the roads are made out of- asphalt. Think about all the snow buildup, rain, and constant forces of the weather taking a toll on your roof. If the roads can’t handle the weather, there is possibly a chance that your roof is getting worn down from the weather too. Below are some pictures of common wear and tear that your roof might have. It’s an important thing to keep an eye on any potential issues to avoid long-term damage on your roof. Does your roof have any missing, torn, or warped shingles? If the answer is yes, then contact us today, and we are happy to come out and give you a free estimate on repairs!

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