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The Thomas Jefferson Roofing & Remodeling LLC Story

I, Tim Gilliam, said to myself one day, “I would love to have my dad in this business with me”. However, he transitioned from his body in 93’. As I said those words, I realized he is in business with me if I just know how to look for him. And his standards of excellence are available daily both in his attention to precise details as well as his excellence in kindness. While it is natural for children as young adults to exert their independence from their parents - myself included - I now have the incredible joy of being in business with my Dad and hero - Gilbert Gilliam. He was destined to be a magnificently creative builder at a young age as depicted in this picture of him sitting on the stagecoach he built at the age of 12.

As for Thomas Jefferson, he brought to America some of Europe’s finest architectural building ideas. He also started a wave of recognition of the freedom of every individual to freely live and pursue their happiness without any need to heed careless dictators. As one of the owners of a business with the name of Thomas Jefferson in it, I occasionally get asked the ‘race’ question. My answer is, “When the only race that matters is the human race, kindness flourishes in mankind. Those who seek the positives in others find it as a great way to pursue happiness.”

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