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EPDM Roofing Professionals Helping Clients In Carmel


Carmel buildings are ideal for EPDM roofing, and Thomas Jefferson Roofing & Remodeling LLC is the company to trust for installation. EPDM roofing is a highly durable synthetic rubber roofing membrane (ethylene propylene diene terpolymer) and one that any established roofing contractor who works with low-slope buildings has installed.

Like TPO / PVC roofing, it's a choice that's popular for commercial or residential roofing. It's available in black or white, as well as a wide variety of widths. If you want something that's up to the challenge of withstanding the elements and surviving the tests of time, this is your long-term solution.

If you're considering EPDM roofing, you'll appreciate its strength and durability; it's often referred to as rubber roofing, so you can imagine how it holds up. Get in touch with us so we can tell you more about this type of roofing material and why it's the best fit for your building.

Why EPDM Is Right For Your Building

EPDM roofing has plenty of benefits, some of which include:

  • Cost-effective installation
  • Least expensive to repair
  • Fire-rated
  • Optimal longevity
  • Lightweight
  • High-wind resistant
  • Hail resistant

Property owners appreciate EPDM's ability to be energy efficient too. The primary concern for this roofing type is that it can puncture easily. Homes or businesses that opt for a thicker membrane can avoid severe damage in most cases.

Call Thomas Jefferson Roofing & Remodeling LLC in Carmel, and let's make an appointment for your EPDM roofing system.


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Flat Roofing

Flat roofs are ideal for most structures, but especially for homes. They allow the homeowner to utilize all of the available space because there is no need to leave room for eaves. Another great feature of a flat roof is how easy they are to repair and maintain. Carmel Flat Roofs are considered the most cost-effective method of roofing. The inexpensive nature of the flat roof, more significant space, and ease of Flat Roof Repairs make these roofs excellent selling points if you decide to sell your home.

Installing a flat roofing system on a home does not have to be a burden later on. Calling your expert roofing contractor in Carmel to update your roof is the right call. We can walk you through the process of replacing or repairing your old flat roof.

We Offer Financing!

We offer flexible financing options to make roofing projects more accessible and manageable for our customers. Our financing plans are designed to suit various budgets and needs, ensuring that you can get the quality roof you need without financial stress.

  • 0% APR, 4.99% APR & More
  • Check Rates Without Affecting Your Credit Score
  • FICO Scores As Low As 500
  • Loans $1,000 To $100,000
  • Check Rates In Under 2 Minutes
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We proudly service the Carmel area and its surrounding communities, providing expert roofing solutions to homeowners and businesses alike. Our dedicated team is committed to delivering exceptional quality and customer satisfaction across all our service areas.

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