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Why Choose Thomas Jefferson Roofing & Remodeling LLC?

We Give 5 Guarantees that others wouldn't dare!

  1. Pursuit of Happiness 24/7! - We know that happy teams create happy solutions for happy customers. With a positive mental attitude, we get inspired to serve the wonderful people in metro Indianapolis.
  2. We Happily answer your calls 24/7 delivering quick diagnostic & Solutions - Saving Your Valuable Time! Service when YOU need it! No waiting around, wondering where the technician might be! We respect and value your time. We understand that this repair is happening on YOUR time and you've got better things to do than wait on a repair technician. Don't wait for a solution, when you can have a reputable pro at your service! We arrive in vehicles, outfitted to eliminate many leaks on the spot the same day! Our emergency service can have someone at your door 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  3. Off the Chart Happy Satisfaction Guarantees - We guarantee our replacement work for 10 Years! This is a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! We guarantee most repairs for up to 10 years as well.
  4. Expert Happy team members guaranteed to have the Technician Seal Of Safety
  5. Guarantee to Love People More than Money - When we are rooted in loving people more than we love money, and we are constantly improving our caring of people each day, something magical happens. Each team member is sent every day to focus on creating win-win-win's – happy wins…for the team member, the customer, and the company.

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