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TPO / PVC Roofing For Your Carmel Property


Thomas Jefferson Roofing & Remodeling LLC is here to provide you with the TPO / PVC roofing you need for your Carmel area business. It's crucial to know you have a reliable and established contractor and industry expert working for you. By partnering with us, you can feel confident you're working with the best of the best.

We have plenty of experience and in-depth knowledge of PVC and Thermoplastic Polyolefin Roofing. As a top choice for roofing contractor services, we're familiar with working with all types of roofing material; we only offer services we're trained and certified to work with, including options like modified bitumen roofing. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for installation or repairs for your TPO / PVC roofing.

Membrane Roofing Systems

Any reputable roofing contractor in Carmel that offers commercial services has hands-on experience with TPO / PVC roofing. PVC or Thermoplastic Polyolefin Roofing are membrane roofing systems, and they're a cost-effective way to provide good roofing coverage for a large facility.

Single-Ply Membranes are sheets of rubber and other synthetics that can be ballasted or chemically adhered to insulation, thus creating a roofing system for your commercial building. When discussing TPO and PVC, although they both make good roofing products, they differ in a few ways, including chemical makeup, installation processes, and energy efficiencies.


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Choosing Your Membrane Roofing System

Thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) are both types of single-ply membranes utilized in low-slope and flat roofing systems. There are, of course, some similarities but also some distinct differences. Some examples of these variances are:

  • PVC provides better resistance to punctures
  • TPO is also less resistant to chemicals
  • PVC handles aging and wear and tear better
  • TPO reduces UV radiation
  • TPO materials may be lower, but the installation cost for PVC is usually less

Both are highly rated for energy efficiency and durability/longevity

Give Thomas Jefferson Roofing & Remodeling LLC a call today to find out more. We'll help you decide which TPO / PVC roofing is best for your Carmel business and then expertly handle the installation and repairs.

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We offer flexible financing options to make roofing projects more accessible and manageable for our customers. Our financing plans are designed to suit various budgets and needs, ensuring that you can get the quality roof you need without financial stress.

  • 0% APR, 4.99% APR & More
  • Check Rates Without Affecting Your Credit Score
  • FICO Scores As Low As 500
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Areas We Service

We proudly service the Carmel area and its surrounding communities, providing expert roofing solutions to homeowners and businesses alike. Our dedicated team is committed to delivering exceptional quality and customer satisfaction across all our service areas.

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