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Don’t Play the Roof Replacement Waiting Game

Roof Replacement

“My roof has a few bad spots and I’ve noticed a couple of ceiling leaks in the house but I think I’ll wait until we have a hail storm so I can hopefully count on my insurance company to pay for an entire roof replacement.”

Big Mistake!

First of all, a total roof replacement isn’t always necessary. In fact, sometimes, patchwork and replacement shingles will do the trick.

But if you don’t inspect your roof regularly and address potential problems as they arise, you may eventually find yourself spending more money on other repairs than it would have cost to replace your entire roof, to begin with.

  • What about the damage your leaking roof is causing to the plywood or wood boards under your shingles?
  • Do you really want water spots on the ceilings in your home?
  • How much do you think it will cost you to replace the drywall in your garage and living room that’s being destroyed by dripping water?
  • Mold can develop quickly and spread in a moist environment. You don’t want that health hazard in your home, do you?

However, no matter the issue, your roofing experts at Thomas Jefferson Roofing & Remodeling strongly recommend that homeowners address even the smallest of problems as soon as they’re discovered.

Realistically, even if we’re talking about a full roof replacement, the money you spend now may save you a lot of time, effort, and even more money down the road.

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