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Counter Flash Chimney & Spraying Brick Chimney with Sealer in Carmel, IN

Before and after chimney roof inspection in Carmel, IN

It was just another busy day at the Thomas Jefferson roofing company when the phone rang. My colleague, Elena, answered it and spoke to the customer on the other end. She took down all the details and scheduled a roof inspection the following day. The next day, Cody arrived at the customer's house in Carmel, greeted by a friendly woman named Sharon. She led us to the attic, explaining that she had noticed some water damage on her ceiling and was worried about a leak in her roof. However, she needed clarification on the issues and our help. The house had two attics. Cody climbed up the ladder and inspected the attic thoroughly, looking for any signs of damage. After a careful search, he couldn't find anything out of the ordinary. After checking out the second attic in the house, and that's when we found a roof leak and noticed a faint stain on the ceiling below. Upon inspection, he discovered that the chimney was leaking, causing a leak at the bottom of the roof, or the water had to drain. Sharon had no idea that the chimney was leaking and causing significant damage to her roof. Our roof technician redid the chimney, fixing the leak and preventing any further damage to the roof. We worked efficiently and carefully, ensuring that we left the job looking great. As we packed up our tools and said goodbye to Sharon, she expressed gratitude. She was relieved to have found the source of the problem and grateful for our expertise in fixing it. Feeling satisfied, knowing that we had positively impacted our customer's life.

Service: Roof Inspection

Project Location: Carmel, Indiana

Estimated Budget: $2970.00

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Products Used: Step Flashing, Solar seal shingles for the roof, sealer for the brick, Solar Seal


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