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Quality Dryer Vents Installation in Carmel, IN

Quality Dryer Vents Installation in Carmel, IN

This customer, who owned a commercial building in Carmel, IN, explained the issue: birds were infiltrating the building through broken vents located above two bricked-in windows on the east face of the structure, below the gutter/roof line. These avian intruders had made their way into the space over the ceiling, posing a potential hazard to the building and its occupants.

Understanding the gravity of the situation, Thomas Jefferson Roofing dispatched a highly skilled technician to assess the problem's extent and devise a solution. Upon arriving at the scene, the technician carefully examined the area, noting the damage caused by the birds and the vulnerabilities in the building's structure. It was evident that the broken vents needed immediate replacement to prevent further avian intrusion. Without delay, a technician from Thomas Jefferson Roofing got to work, removing the damaged vents and replacing them with new ones. In total, four dryer metal vents were installed to effectively fortify the building against avian intrusion.

The customer expressed their gratitude to the diligent technician for his swift and effective resolution of the problem. With the new vents installed, the building became secure, offering a safe and peaceful environment for the company's employees and clients, all thanks to Thomas Jefferson Roofing's expertise and dedication.

Budget: $588

Location: Carmel, IN

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