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Wall Flashing and Raccoon Prevention Project

Wall Flashing and Raccoon Prevention Project

In January 2024, Michael, a concerned homeowner, contacted Thomas Jefferson Roofing to address a small roof leak. He was keen on obtaining a free estimate to assess the situation. Little did he know, this initial inquiry would lead to the discovery of a much bigger problem – raccoon damage.

Upon inspection, our team at Thomas Jefferson Roofing identified damage caused by raccoons, which posed a significant threat to Michael's home. Recognizing the urgency of the situation, we promptly recommended a solution to mitigate the damage and prevent future intrusions.

Our proposal involved the installation of flash/counter-flash along a 4-7 linear feet wall, strategically located at the pitch change on the front of Michael's home. This area was identified as a vulnerable point where a small void allowed raccoons to gain access to the interior of the roof.

To fortify this weak spot, we proposed covering it with white metal and implementing step flashing to effectively block off any potential entry points for raccoons. This innovative solution not only addressed the immediate issue but also provided long-term protection against similar incidents.

With Michael's approval, our skilled team at Thomas Jefferson Roofing swiftly executed the plan, ensuring that his home was safeguarded against further raccoon intrusions. Our dedication to delivering exceptional service and innovative solutions enabled us to exceed Michael's expectations and restore peace of mind to his household.

Thomas Jefferson Roofing's team committed to excellence of finding effective solutions to our customers' roofing challenges. We take pride in our ability to not only address the obvious issues but also identify and rectify underlying problems to ensure the long-term integrity of our clients' homes.

Service provided: Residential Repairs

Budget: 789

Location: Noblesville, IN

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