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Are You Planning On Taking A Spring Break Vacation?

Are You Planning On Taking A Spring Break Vacation?

Before leaving your home for more than few days take the time and go for a walk around the house and check for any water damage or potential damage.

When you spent time on vacation, water could be leaking in your house for days and can ruin your flooring, subfloor, furniture, walls, insulation, wiring and more. The damage can become critical to your home if you not follow the necessary maintenance for the home. To get started, closely inspect your entire roof for any penetration and damage:

  • Check that there are no missing, damaged or worn out shingles on your roof;
  • Check around the chimney, vents, skylights, flashing, satellite dishes…
  • Look inside the attic carefully for leaks…
  • Clear all the debris out of your roof and gutters;
  • Check the downspouts for any blockages;
  • Trim tree branches because dead or rotting branches can slam on your roof, siding and windows.

However, we do not recommend you to climb up on your roof. Records indicate in 2011, 65,000 people died in the USA by falling off of ladders. Give us a call and ask about our 17-point roof inspection and we can examine your roof in and out, and you can return from vacation to a home free of water damage.

So it’s up to you to get your roof in shape before vacation!

~~Your friends at Thomas Jefferson Roofing & Remodeling LLC

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