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It’s Not Just A Window On Your Roof

Its not just a window on your roof

For humans, the health benefits of a balanced dose of daily sunlight are numerous. However, the torturous heat of the summer often leads people to stay inside their air conditioned homes.

Problem: How can you enjoy more of the sun’s beautiful rays while relaxing in the cool comfort of the indoors?

Solution: A VELUX skylight! No, it’s not just a window on your roof. It’s a brilliant way to add an entirely new dimension to any room in your home while saving money on your energy bill. As pure, bright sunlight pours through your skylight, it fills the room with a radiance and warmth that 60 watt light bulbs cannot imitate. The yellow hue of electric light cannot compare to the beauty of natural white light from the sun. It’s like being on a beach in the Bahamas but in your kitchen.

Moreover, it’s free light! That’s right. You don’t have to pay for it Turn your lights off. Save your power bill. Enjoy the sun. What else could you want?

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For more information, visit VELUX skylight and take a look around.

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