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Snow And Ice Removal Tips And Advice

Snow and ice removal tips and advise

1. Do remove snow and ice from drainage devices as it will prevent ice building up inside the gutter.
2. Do not use a snow-blower on your roof. Snow blowers are dangerous and can also permanently tear up the roof.
3. Snow can be removed with a “roof rake.”
4. Using picks or hammers or other sharp tools to remove snow and ice from your roof could be harmful.
5. Do not use hot water pressure to remove the snow from your roof.
6. High quality heat tape works. But do not poke a bunch of holes in your roof during installation.
7. Avoid using corrosive substances like rock salt or calcium chloride, sodium chloride, and more to melt snow and ice off the roof. Some of these compounds can affect the integrity or color of your roof as they are very corrosive and the runoff can also damage grass and plants.


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