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The Benefits Of Tile Roofing

The benefits of tile roofing

Traditional roofing still has some appeal to the modern homeowners. Tile roofing, which is a European or Mediterranean style, for example, is becoming increasingly popular in North America. What modern roofing products do today is they copy traditional clay tiles in the timeless curved design. Flat tiles for instance, imitate the appearance of expensive slate roofing. Basically, tiles are made out of either kiln-baked glazed ceramic or cast in concrete and they are being offered in many color options. Overall, tile roofs offer a highly durable roofing solution with beautiful, estate-quality old world appeal.

Talking about the durability of tile roof shingles – high quality ceramic tile can stand in just about any climate condition or geographical location. This is because ceramic is thermally efficient and a good insulator thus, a tile made out of this material can definitely last for centuries if it is baked at a sufficiently high temperature. On the other hand, cast concrete, in any form, gets stronger as it gets older. Usually, they are offered with a lifetime warranty. Moreover, they are not prone to insect, rot, or sun damage, and because its heavy, it can resist wind damage unless extreme conditions exist. So, a roofing made of either of these two materials can be fire proof, durable and long lasting.

Tile roof shingles are made available in many colors and designs to choose from. Usually, concrete and clay tiles have more variations in appearance and profiles ranging from the traditional European -Mediterranean look to modern slate. If you decide on using tiles for your roofing, you’ll certainly get a high curb appearance to the overall look of your roof. Actually, ceramic tiles and concrete versions are much heavier than asphalt. They can weigh from 6 to 9 lbs. per square foot depending on the product.

So, to achieve a beautiful old world look of roofing with the convenience of a durable, one-time roofing installation, opt for ceramic tile or concrete roof shingles.


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