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Kentucky Roofing ContractorDo you need a Kentucky roofing contractor for repairs? Does your roof need to be replaced? Or is it time for an inspection? If so, our Kentucky roofing contractors are ready to offer you their assistance.

At Thomas Jefferson Roofing & Remodeling, you can count on first-rate service and quality workmanship.

We’ve learned that customer service is an important aspect of any business. If we satisfy our customers, we have a real opportunity for growth. That’s why we continue to work hard every day, building our experience and expertise. Giving you the best quality roofing services in the area is our number one goal.

Emergency Roof Repairs In Kentucky

If even one little leak from a nail hole in a roof system is happening, a number of complications can arise that get worse over time. And, when a storm completely destroys a section of the roof or a tree falls down on it, there are immediate problems that need attention right away.

If you need emergency roof repairs in Kentucky, we’ll be glad to assist you. We’ve spent plenty of time over the years learning our trade. Since we are specific to the roofing industry, all our time has been focused on becoming the best Kentucky roofers.

Professional Roof Inspections In Kentucky

In an ideal situation, an average roof will last a homeowner anywhere from 20 to 30 years. During the roof’s lifetime, there might be a few leaks and moisture formations around the walls. For the most part, a roof that is constructed solidly will last a homeowner for a good length of time.

Unfortunately, a roof won’t last forever. There are damages along the way that may or may not be visible. A roof inspection uncovers damages that aren’t seen by the untrained eye. Knowing that your roof is strong and waterproof is important. Knowing that it isn’t is more important. With the information about the condition of your roof, you know just what needs to be done to get it structurally sound and protective again.

Call us for a roof inspection today. We can inspect both commercial and residential roofing systems.


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